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Y11 Exam Timetable



GCSE Wellbeing guides for Students and Parents
Looking after yourself during your GCSEs
An emotionally healthy approach to GCSEs

Exam Stress

As the exam season begins, it can be quite a stressful time for year 11.  Please find below some of the key links available, covering a wide-range of tips to keep mentally healthy. There is also a link for parents to use to help them in offering support to their children during the next few weeks.

All The Revision and Exam Tips You’ll Ever Need

Exam Stress and Pressure (Childline)

Countdown to exams (BBC Bitesize)

Supporting Your Child During Exam Time (Young Minds)


Information about the new GCSE grades

Department of Education information regarding New GCSEs
A guide for parent and carers 'What the new GCSEs mean in 2018' - is this meant to link to a document?

GCSE Certificates

If you are an ex-student and have still not collected your GCSE certificates from previous years, please contact the school office during normal school hours.

Please note that these results are confidential to the student and may only be collected by the student, with photographic proof of identity, (such as a photo driving licence) OR a parent or friend with photographic proof of identity and written authorisation from the student concerned.

Homework Club

Homework Club is available every day between 3:15 and 4:15 in the Learning Resource Centre. Students are able to use the computers and reference books to help keep up with their homework. Homework club is supervised by one of our experienced Learning Support Assistants so help is on hand to develop independent study.

Why do Homework?

  1. It improves your thinking and memory skills
  2. It helps you develop positive study skills and habits that will serve you well throughout life
  3. Homework encourages you to be organised and plan time wisely
  4. It teaches you to work independently
  5. Homework teaches you to take responsibility for your work
  6. It allows you to review and practice what has been covered in class
  7. It helps you to get ready for the next day’s class
  8. Homework helps you learn to use resources, such as libraries, reference materials and websites to find information
  9. It encourages you to explore subjects more fully than classroom time permits
  10. It allows you to extend learning by applying skills to new situations
  11. It helps you to select and apply many different skills to a single task
  12. Homework helps your parents learn more about what you are learning in school. It provides parents with the opportunity to engage with and talk to you. This is a good thing!

Click here to download the Homework Timetable

DT Food Pick and Mix Homework Tasks to download:
Year 7 Pick and Mix Homework
Year 8 Pick and Mix Homework
Year 9 Pick and Mix Homework

Helpful Revision Sites

For tips and advice please click on the logos to visit the following site:  Bitesize logo


If you would like to view more past papers or want more information on the examining boards, please click on the logos to visit the following sites:

AQA logoPearson logo WJEC logo  OCR logo 


Below is an instruction video for the Midsomer Norton Schools Partnership Mathematics page
To access the MET site Click Here

It is important that you turn up to your exam fully prepared and with the correct equipment – clear pencil case, black pen, pencil, eraser and ruler.


The school's Attendance Policy can be found on the Trust website.