School Canteen

St Dunstan’s School's catering services is ‘in house’. The catering team understand the important connection between a healthy diet and a student's ability to learn effectively and develop well in all areas of the school curriculum. To support this, the catering team have created a menu that is healthy and nutritious suiting all needs and tastes.

We recognise that some students may have allergies or require special diets, so if you have any concerns, or need further information or advice, please contact the catering department:

Telephone: 01458 832943

Email Anna Wall - Catering Supervisor at the following address:

Menu and Price List

Sept 2022 Menu Options click here


The menu may be subject to change at any time, dependant on suppliers/product availability.

Download our Price List

Cashless Catering Service – Biometric (thumbprint) system
We use a cashless catering system in order for students to purchase food at break and lunch time. No cash will be handled by the catering staff. Payments can be paid into a students account via Parentpay or there is a cashloader in the dining room for cash to be added to their account this way using either a pin or biometric thumbprint.

For information on the cashless system and permission form click here.

Free School Meals

To see if you are eligable for Free School Meals and to apply Click Here

Students entitled to Free School meals receive £2.70 a day, but this does not show on the cash loader or on parent pay.  Some of this may be spent at break time but if they wish to have the cooked meal this is £2.00 so they must remember not to spend too much at break time. If you wish to do so, you can add extra money to your child’s lunch account and this will show on their account/cashloader.

Any queries please contact Mrs Gerrard ( Fianance Officer -