Uniform and Appearance Policy

Uniform 2023


 First impressions matter and our school is judged on the appearance as well as the behaviour of our students. The uniform code promotes safety, decency and equality. It is important that we work together to maintain our standards and uniform is checked frequently to ensure it is worn correctly. The uniform is easy to purchase from the mail order catalogue provided. However, parents are free to purchase from the uniform shop, Identity Kits, in Wells.

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For reasons of health and safety and to protect against loss of valuable property:

  • No rings or jewellery should be worn except a watch.
  • Students with pierced ears may wear one simple plain stud.
  • No facial jewellery is accepted, including tongue studs.
  • Inappropriate jewellery will be confiscated.

General Appearance

  • Extremes of fashion in clothing, hairstyles, colours are not acceptable.
  • Make-up must be discreet, including any nail varnish worn.

PE Kit

All students must wear: 
- St Dunstan's Polo shirt 
- Leggings, jogging bottoms, skort or shorts. This HAS TO BE BLACK... but doesn’t have to have St Dunstan's written on it.
- Trainers
- Girls or boys can wear the blue St Dunstan's Hoody
- Girls or boys can wear the navy St Dunstan's Jacket.

Where to buy the school uniform

Identity Kits in Wells
Opening hours Monday to Saturday 9am – 5pm

Identity Kits
23 Broad Street

Telephone: 01749 670000
Email: info@identitykits.co.uk

Website: identitykits.co.uk

From 15 June 2020

Website: www.swschoolwear.co.uk   

Email: Wells@swschoolwear.co.uk      Tel no: 01749 670000

           Yeovil@swschoolwear.co.uk     Tel no: 01935 478178

SW Schoolwear Coronavirus update for uniform shopping. click here

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(non logo items may be bought from outlets of your choice)

Legal Clarification

The Uniform and Appearance Policy has the same status in law as our School Rules and Expectations.

DCSF guidance, which was clarified in January 2007, makes it clear that sending a child home to correct uniform is perfectly acceptable. This will be recorded as authorised absence. However if a child stays off for longer than needed to correct their uniform or appearance this will be recorded as unauthorised absence.

Uniform issues are dealt with as follows (Temporary for Covid):

Temporary Uniform proceedures for COVID

 Tutors / Teachers check uniform on a daily basis at the start and end of each lesson.

  • 1st offence – a day slip is issued. Tutors / Teachers check the next day whether this has been put right.
  • If uniform not rectified school will call parents / carers to discuss the issue. If deemed appropriate a multi-day pass will be issued with a deadline for resolving the issue.
  • If at the end of the deadline the issue is still unresolved, a letter with a hard deadline will be sent to parents / carers.
  • If student still in incorrect uniform by the hard deadline, the student will work in isolation in the Able zone until the uniform issue is resolved.
  • If the student is still not in correct uniform after 3 full days isolation, the issue will be raised with the Senior Leadership Team regarding a possible Exclusion.      

A teacher, or adult working alongside the teacher, may confiscate mobile phones, IPODs and any item that is causing a distraction in a classroom or an item of clothing or jewellery that is not part of school uniform. This is within the law but items will be returned.

Confiscated items will be stored in School Office and can be collected by student at the end of the day if a first offence; or by parents for subsequent incidents.

Lost Property
All named uniform and kit is returned immediately it is handed into the office to the student concerned – (hence the importance of ensuring that all uniform is clearly named).

Lost Property is held by the school office for one full term. It is then displayed in the foyer for students and parents to view. Any unclaimed items are then donated to charity.