Timings of the School Day


Due to Covid the start time of the school day has changed slightly.  Students should be in School by 8.45am entering the school by their designated entrances.  The end of the day students leave at slightly different times to reduce mixing.


08:35  Staff Briefing/Students begin to arrive
08.45   Warning Bell
08:50  Registration
09:00  Period 1
09:50  Period 2
10.40  Break
11.00  Period 3
11.50  Period 4
12.40  Lunchtime
13.20  Registration/Assembly
13.35  Period 5
14.25  Period 6
15.15  End of School

The School Timetable

We have a two-week timetable. This means that Week A and Week B follow slightly different patterns. Each student is given a copy of their timetable at the start of the term which they stick in the front of their student planner.