Peer Mentoring

The aim of the peer mentoring project at St Dunstans is:

  • To improve the emotional well-being of students at St Dunstans.
  • For all our students to feel safe and listened to in their school.
  • To develop a caring and supportive community within the school.

What is Peer Mentoring?
It is when people of the same age or around the same age support one another, it usually involves an older student supporting a younger student. They are there to listen, advise, support, guide and generally make the person feel better about the situation they are in at the moment.

Who are Peer Mentors?
They are people who have trained to be able to support other students on a one-to-one basis. From Year 9 upwards students can become peer mentors and will be put through training to provide support to other students; through listening, understanding, helping with work/learning, advising and signposting (pointing people in the right direction).

Where can I find a Peer Mentor?
Peer Mentors wear badges to identify them as someone willing to talk. They are also available in the Inclusion Room at break and lunch times. Most tutor groups have Peer Mentors so they might be the first person you approach.

What is confidentiality?
Peer mentors can listen and respect what you say, but if they feel you are in danger then they need to tell a member of staff.

What if I want to be a Peer Mentor?
Talk to the pastoral staff at school and find out more about the project, they can advise you on when the next training sessions will be and how you can get involved.