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Careers at St Dunstan's:


Careers guidance is of significant importance for young people today; the landscape of education, training and employment opportunities that students need to navigate is more complex and more challenging than that faced by previous generations. The raising of the age for participating in learning means that young people face a wider range of choices of courses and places to study. Qualifications such as GCSE and A level have changed, and opportunities in higher education extend now beyond the UK to other parts of Europe and further afield. Students need help to make choices and manage transitions: they need good quality careers education, information, advice and guidance.

St Dunstan’s School aims to promote a culture of high aspiration and high expectation. Careers Education is recognised as playing an important role in motivating our pupils, promoting equality of opportunity and maximising their academic and personal achievements. We are committed to providing a planned programme of Careers Education through PSHE lessons, planned tutor time activities as well as assemblies, work experience placements and relevant trips and visits to help prepare them for the opportunities and challenges of adulthood.

Careers education does not just mean informing students about their options after school but also how their school career will affect their futures. It is our statutory duty to ensure that all pupils receive independent, impartial advice and guidance regarding all options within school as well as  how they will affect their options after school and which careers pathways will become available to them. Beginning Careers Education early means that students can make better informed decisions at transition stages and are more motivated in school in order to follow a particular pathway. By helping students with decisions at crucial stages, informing them of all their options and introducing them to the world of work, we aim to prepare them for life after school whichever path they choose.

Student Entitlement Statements:

  • Students are encouraged to identify personal traits, strengths and skills and develop confidence and have high expectations of themselves.

  • Students are introduced to careers resources and informed how to use them.

  • Students are introduced to the world of work and how it is constantly changing.

  • What is important in a career? Students are encouraged to investigate different jobs and careers,  what they mean in terms of lifestyle, budgeting and a good work/life balance and to develop economic awareness.

  • Students are encouraged to challenge stereotypes within the world of work and traditional job roles.

  • Students are encouraged to think about the kind of behaviour potential employers look for.

  • All Year 11 students have a 1-2-1 careers interview with our independent careers advisor.

  • KS3 and Year 10 students can request a 1-2-1 careers interview to help further explore their options during school and beyond.

  • Students should use careers interviews to help understand different career pathways and entry requirements and agree personal action plans with the careers adviser for the future and identify what specific action is required to achieve their goals.

  • Students are helped with post 16 choices and encouraged to consider all their options including further study in college/ 6th form and apprenticeships. Interview techniques are developed.

  • Specific mock interviews for those with a particular career path in mind are also available.

  • Students are encouraged to attend careers talks, fairs, college open days and taster days.

  • Students are assisted with CV writing and encouraged to have a completed a CV and cover letter.

  • Students are kept up to date with post 16 deadlines.


The school webpage on the main website dedicated to careers highlights key events from the careers programme, dates for key events including college open evenings and the work experience database link. Here you can also find links to external websites that offer advice and guidance relevant to post-16 and careers choices.

The Careers section in the main school Library develops students' independent learning skills and all Year 11 students will be encouraged to schedule time devoted to their own career exploration activities. The Library is open to students every day and the  Careers section contains general and specific information about different types of occupations as well as an extensive collection of prospectuses for further and higher education. 

The Student Noticeboard is kept up to date signposting to post-16 options, apprenticeship vacancies and many other opportunities. There are dedicated college boards in the dining hall next to a range of literature including prospectuses and careers advice booklets.

Further resources are available from our independent careers advisor who will meet with all Year 11 students, as well as other students at key transition points (Yr 9 options for example) and parents/carers if requested. Mrs McKinley will be available during Yr9, 10 and 11 Parents' Evenings to provide advice or support to parents/carers and students. She can be contacted by email 


St Dunstan's aims to provide a broad range of information and updates to students, parents, providers and the community throughout the year. The updates will help to provide information about the careers education, information, advice and guidance provided. A parent, staff and student questionnaire will be completed annually beginning in the summer term of 2020 to inform updates to careers provision for the following academic year. Engagement from parents/carers and employers is welcome, if you are able to support our Careers programme in any way please contact us.

Key Contacts:

Careers Lead – Mrs C Kendall

Independent Careers Advisor – Mrs J McKinley

Work Experience Coordinator – Mrs J Davies

SLT Careers Link – Mrs L Bevan

Careers Governor – Mr P Turner

For further information regarding Government requirements for Careers advice and guidance in school please see below:


Open Evenings

Strode College Open Evening:-

Wednesday 10th June 2020 6pm-8pm

Strode College Website Click here

Bridgwater campus  Click here

Bridgwater College have Taster Days coming up in half term;

Bridgwater & Cannington campuses, Thursday 20 February, 9.30am – 12.30pm.  Booking is essential for these events, pupils can register on our website here.

Wednesday 4 March 2020 - Apprenticeship Focus                             6pm - 8pm

Thursday 11 June 2020                                                                      6pm - 8pm

Bridgwater College Website Click here

Cannington campus

Bridgwater & Cannington campuses, Thursday 20 February, 9.30am – 12.30pm Booking is essential for these events, pupils can register on our website here.

Sunday 7 June 2020                                                                            10am - 1pm

Cannington Click here

Taunton campus  Open Days

Thursday 5 March 2020 - Apprenticeship Focus                                 6pm - 8pm

Tuesday 9 June 2020                                                                          6pm - 8pm


Bridgwater & Cannington campuses

Thursday 18 June 2020                                                                       9.30am - 2pm

Taunton campus

Tuesday 30 June & Wednesday 1 July 2020                                     9.30am - 2.30pm

Career Websites

For useful career websites please click on the following links:

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Tomorrow's Engineers   UCAS   Apprenticeships   Work Experience Placements
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College Open Days