Timings of the School Day


Students should be in School by 8.45am entering the school by the designated entrance.  


08:35  Staff Briefing/Students begin to arrive
08.43   Warning Bell
08:45  Registration
09:10  Period 1
10:10  Period 2
11:10  Break
11:30  Period 3
12:30 Lunchtime/KS4 Tutor
13:05 KS3 Tutor
13:15  Period 4
14:15  Period 5
15:15 End of the School Day
15.15  Homework Club

The School Timetable

We have a two-week timetable. This means that Week A and Week B follow slightly different patterns. Each student is given a copy of their timetable at the start of the term which they stick in the front of their student planner.