KS3 & Year 10

Homework at St Dunstan’s will primarily be used to reinforce students' prior learning. It will give teachers the opportunity to assess knowledge retention for our students. In some cases, homework may ask students to explore ideas needed for future learning, thus developing the ability of our students to conduct research. Homework tasks may be set in a variety of formats, for example, it could be a written task or an online activity. 

Year 11

During Year 11 homework will be used to develop our students’ ability to answer GCSE exam style questions (or equivalent level 2 qualification). In addition to our regularly set homework, past papers and revision materials will be made available for students to access at any point in the year. For this purpose, we have a revision website available specifically for our year 11 students. You can find a link to this website under ‘Information for Students and Parents’ drop down. 


To help our students to manage homework. Subject teachers will set it in accordance with a rota. This will prevent too many homework activities being set on the same day. Teachers will enter details of what has been set on the Talaxy portal, this will enable both students and parents to check what has been set and see when the due date is.  

Rewards and Sanctions

Students who complete homework to a good standard will be recognised by the class teacher and the student should be rewarded with a Track Point.

Students who do not complete homework to a good standard, or in a timely fashion, will be challenged. Students who repeatedly submit homework late, or to a poor standard, will be set for a restoration so that they are supported to catch up on the work they have missed.

Homework Frequency

See the table below for the frequency of homeworks set at KS3.



Every Week

English, Maths & Science

Every Fortnight

French, Geography & History

At least once a term

All other subjects


See the table below for the frequency of homeworks set at KS4.




Every Week

English, Maths & Science

Every Fortnight

GCSE Option Subjects


Homework Club

Homework club runs at St Dunstan’s everyday between 15:15 and 16:15. There are IT facilities available for use at the homework club.

Homework Rotas

Please see the rotas below to see when homework is being set for your child. Please note, it is only the subjects that set homework at least once a fortnight who have been included on these rotas.

Year 7 Homework Rota 2023/24

Year 8 Homework Rota 2023/24

Year 9 Homework Rota 2023/24

Year 10 Homework Rota 2023/24

Year 11 Homework Rota 2023/24 - Revision

Food Technology - Recipes

Y7 Recipes Click Here

Y8 Recipes Click Here

Y9 Recipes Click Here

If you would like more information with regard to the recipes please email Mrs H Potter : htourle@stdunstansschool.com


Contact Details

If you have any questions about homework - please feel free to contact one of the subject leaders listed below.


Staff Member

Email address


Mrs Gregory



Mr Conway



Mrs Hutchinson



Mrs Manning



Mrs Potter



Mr Atkinson