Visiting author Steve Voake

Visiting author Steve Voake

St Dunstan's School, key stage 3 students continued their World Book Day celebrations with a visit from author Steve Voake. The local author, responsible for creating characters such as Dairy Dawson and Hooey Higgins, talked to the Year 7 and 8 students about his inspiration for starting to write creatively and shared some extracts from a selection of his novels. 

Year 7 also worked with the author during some workshop activities which prompted many students to continue to write their stories in their own time.

A book jacket and handwriting competition were also available for students to engage in, with the prizes being a copy of one of Steve Voake's books. 

In the afternoon session Year 5 students from St Benedict's were welcomed to St Dunstan's as part of the school's World Book Day Celebrations. 

60 pupils and their teachers, attended the presentation. In the talk, Steve Voake shared extracts from some of his recently published and most popular novels and entertained them with a variety of voices and scenarios.

At the end, St Benedict's pupils were able to ask questions and most used this time to find out how they can improve their own creative writing.